2154IBA Business Logistics

2154IBA Business Logistics

Individual Reflection 

Values: Recognise and respect diversity of values and experience of group members

Please identify any individual differences in terms of values and experience among the group members. For example, how did the group accommodate these differences?  How did you help address these differences? Were there any areas that could have been handled differently?


Time Management: Employ effective time management strategies of group activities.

Please describe ways and any resources used in order to effectively manage the group’s time on the project. For example how did team members negotiate and determine timelines in order to achieve most effective group outcomes?  How would you manage the time if you were the group manager? Are there any things you would have done differently? Which time management tool you found to be most beneficial to the project?


Interpersonal skills and working effectively: Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills and understanding of the complexity of working in groups

Please identify the ways in which the group worked or did not work co-operatively. For example, what interpersonal skills were the most important? What types of interpersonal skills were most frequently used? Are there any interpersonal skills you feel you need to develop further and how might you achieve this?


Conflict resolution: Demonstrate the ability to monitor and resolve group conflict

Please identify any instances where conflict arose within the Group – how was this dealt with as a group – and how did you deal with it personally? Would you propose a different way to handle the conflict? If there were no instances of conflict – why do you think there wasn’t any?  How would you have dealt with it had there been some?


Leveraging group member skills: Recognise and capitalise on the skills of group members.

Reflect on how the group assign roles and responsibilities to each members? How did you assist the group to identify and develop the right role allocation? How was it identified and negotiated if there was a need to change task allocation among group members? If the roles had been allocated differently, would the outcome have been better?


Equity: Ensure equal and appropriate contributions of self and group members.

Reflect on how the group assign workload equitably across the group? How was this monitored, and what steps were taken if some group members were not contributing as agreed? Do you believe that you contributed appropriately or did you do more or less than others, and if so, why?