Topic: Traits of American Exceptionalism – Community Life

Topic: Traits of American Exceptionalism – Community Life

Pages: 12, Double spaced
Sources: 12
Order type: Research Paper
Subject: American History
Style: Turabian
Language: English (U.S.)

Order Description

It is to be in three parts (see instructions below): A topic brief with 5 sources, an annotated bibliography with 12 scholarly sources citations (1-2 paragraphs per source) , and then the final paper of 9 pages with at least 10 scholarly sources (three of the sources required are below).

Regarding the sources: Three of the sources need to be: If you can keep it by Eric Metaaxas, A Nation like no other by Newt Gingrich, and American Exceptionalism: An Experiment in History.

I would like one scripture reference worked into the research paper.

1: Research Paper – Topic Brief Instructions

The minimum 2 content pages for your Topic Brief will be a summary of your responses to all of the prompts below. Complete the following steps:
1. Chosen topic: Community Life – Traits of American exceptionalism .
2. Describe why you chose this trait as the topic for your Research Paper.
3. A minimum of 3 scholarly sources, in current Turabian format, combining course material and outside material, are required. Sources you use for your Topic Brief’s bibliography must be included in your Annotated Bibliography assignments due the following week. The bibliographic entries of which will be incorporated into your Final Research Paper.
• Length: A minimum of 2 content pages, in addition to a title page and a bibliography page, are required. Parenthetical author-date style is required for citations. Follow current Turabian author-date style for all in-text citation components.
• Sources/Citations: A minimum of 4 scholarly sources, combining course material (the three books mentioned above) and outside material, are required.

2: Research Paper – Annotated Bibliography Instructions
Sources/Citations: You will submit your Annotated Bibliography with a minimum of 12 scholarly sources, cited in current Turabian format (this includes the 4 you provided in the topic brief) with 1–2 paragraphs of summarized notes under each source.

3: Research Paper – Final Instructions

Overview: You will write the Final version of your Research Paper, discussing the trait of American exceptionalism which you selected in your Topic Brief. Your submission must be in current Turabian format. Adhere to the following criteria to ensure the best grade possible:
• Research Paper Content:
o Define the trait you selected in your Topic Brief.
o Describe how this trait came to be uniquely associated with American culture at the time.
o Describe how this trait, depending on the virtue or vice of the people, could be a benefit or a detriment to American exceptionalism.
o Discuss whether or not this trait is still characteristic of modern-day America.
• Length: A minimum of 6–8 content pages in addition to the title page, abstract page, and bibliography page are required.
• Sources/Citations: A minimum of 10 scholarly sources, listed in current Turabian format, combining course material and outside material, are required. You must include the sources previously identified in your Topic Brief and Annotated Bibliography.