Topic: Jurisprudence

Topic: Jurisprudence

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Research paper for Jurisprudence AGLC referencing is very important for academic integrity with my university and a plagiarism report is 100% necessary. must use the AGLC, but a bibliography is not required. The word limit is 1,500 words (including discursive footnotes), and any material that exceeds 1,500 words will not be marked. Late submissions will not be marked and will attract a mark of 0.

1. Richard Posner says that “there is no intrinsic or fundamental difference between how a judge approaches a legal problem and how a businessman approaches a problem of production or marketing”. (Law, Pragmatism, and Democracy, p. 73). What does he mean by this? Do you agree? Justify your answers with reference to the course readings as well as your own research.

2. If a law is unjust, do we no longer have a legal obligation to obey it? Discuss with reference to the course readings as well as your own research