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Subject: Sociology

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Social Change Project

Summary: Students will produce a short reflection which is designed to encourage the application of sociological thinking to real world issues. Either must use academic language, follow referencing guidelines, and present a well- supported argument.

For this Social Change Project, students will learn by doing. Students should identify a social issue they feel strongly about and participate in an activity that attempts to address that issue. Activities might include volunteering in programs like reading or homework help for Indigenous and/or migrant students; collecting donations for local food banks and homeless shelters; participating in broader campaigns by leafleting; and so on. The possibilities are really endless, and these suggestions are meant to spark your thinking, not limit you. If you are unsure whether an activity ‘counts’ please contact your tutor. While you will not be directly assessed on the issue or the activity that you choose to participate in, you will struggle with the essay if you have not done enough. For example, sharing one image on Facebook will not give you the material you need to answer the question well.

In a 1000 word essay, you will answer the question “Can individuals change society?” This essay must present an argument in response to this question, using your experience of attempting social change as the primary example. It must include at least three things:
1) A brief sociological explanation of the issue;
2) An explanation of, and reflection on, what you did to attempt change; and
3) Sociological theories about social change. To do well in this essay, you should move beyond this source to find other sociological discussions of social change.