The Administrators

The Administrators
Assignment type : Research Proposal

Stage of Completion: Auction
For this assignment, you are in charge of getting bums in seats!

Read And the Soul Shall Dance (pages 220-248 in your textbook) and develop a marketing strategy for a production in your town/city. While a dollar figure is not given, consider that your marketing campaign has
a modest budget.

You will write a proposal addressing the following:
How you plan to get the word out.
Who your audience is/will be. (What is your area like? Are there a lot of theatre goers to attract or are you going to have to sell the idea of going to theatre in addition to selling the production?)
What kind of marketing materials do you anticipate and what do you envision for their design? (You need not create a poster but you must describe what you think the marketing materials should look like.)

Format MLA
Volume of 1100 – 1650 words (5 pages)