Personal Experience Essay – Part 4: Connecting Research,

Personal Experience Essay – Part 4: Connecting Research,

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Assignment type : Essay

Personal Experience Essay Overview

Assignment Overview

For this multi­-part essay, you will select a topic and write about a personal adult experience through a psychological lens. This assignment is not intended for self-diagnosis, but rather to help connect psychological concepts and theories to a self-identified experience in your past. This assignment will give you an opportunity to select an appropriate topic, identify and explain issues, connect relevant experience to academic knowledge, transfer previous learning, and use appropriate written syntax, proper mechanics, and APA formatting (where indicated).

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Personal Experience Essay Instructions
Personal Experience Essay – Topic Choices
How to Write a Personal Experience Essay
Personal Experience Essay Sample
Assignment Requirements

The Personal Experience Essay is comprised of 5 parts, each with a separate deadline (refer to the course calendar for specific dates). Each part will build upon the previous submission and you will receive feedback from your instructor on how you may improve your work in the next iteration. Your fifth submission will apply your research to your experience and will also provide you with the opportunity to incorporate feedback from your instructor as you submit a compilation of your best work as your final Personal Experience Essay.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Experience
Part 3: Reflection
Part 4: Connecting Research
Part 5: Application and Final Submission of All Parts
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