Legalizing Marijuana

Legalizing Marijuana

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Volume of 600 – 900 pages (3 pages)
Assignment type : Essay

Please follow the example below. the paper must look like the paper  attached.

Final Format:
Approved topic. (Examples: medical marijuana, abortion, animal testing, etc. )

Short history of the controversy. (Examine both sides.) What is the controversy about?


Apply the 3 principles to the issue. The principles may not agree among themselves: (example, abortion is OK for utilitarians, but not realists, idealists) Do not force them to agree with you position.

Example: legalize medical marijuana

Realism: Intention, Act, Consequences must agree.

Side A violates the principle of unnecessary harm to innocent beings.
Side B provides necessary benefit (well being) to innocent beings.
Facts of health benefits, no harm found in studies.
Idealism: Intention, act, rationally foreseeable consequences (not actual consequences)

Side A cannot be a categorical imperative (as if it were a natural law) because….
Side B is a categorical imperative because (example: legalized marijuana can rationally be dispensed to all suffering from certain diseases including children.
Argue that a categorical Imperative is universal (not relative or for a few) because it applies to everyone including animals (Regan), children, impaired, etc. while other side is relative, exclusionary and egoistic…
Rational community agrees that medical marijuana is beneficial and therefore legal….cite laws
Empirical (scientific studies allowed)
Argue that Cat. Imp. does not use people for personal gains. Treats others as ends, not means to an end. (Profit motive violates categorical imperative if exorbitant)
Side B has foreseeable (not actual) rational consequences; Side A predicts an irrational world if universalized.
Side B is deontological ( one is duty bound to act on the imperative regardless of consequences); not side A; one must not act against a categorical imperative.
Utilitarianism: Act and Actual Consequences (not the Intention which is subjective and unpredictable as to the outcome as with Prohibition Laws and shifting marijuana laws)

Show that the consequences are for (or against) the Greater Good.
Provide evidence (statics, facts, proof) that the greater good will be better off (happier, pleased) (example-legalize medical marijuana because majority (%) feel better, brings down taxes, more jobs, puts the cartel out of business, reduce prison populations by x%, etc. or leads to impaired drivers, learning disorders, gateway drug, etc.
Provide stats, polls, benefits, harms, etc. that proves your case.
Construct a Utilitarian chart: (class notes)
Offer historical proof as to why side B is moral and side A immoral. Example: liquor laws ended in mob, unnecessary arrests, corruptions, and repeal. Other countries legalized marijuana without problems- give references.

Provide a case study (name). Ms. X suffered from … and after 5 weeks of treatment,….

My position is that medical marijuana is (or is not) for the Greater Good,