Professional Nursing Role Paper

Professional Nursing Role Paper

Format MLA

Volume of 4 pages (1100 words)
Assignment type : Coursework

Assignment instructions:
Several nursing roles are discussed in your text book. Select one of the professional roles and discuss from your perspective why you chose this role, the challenges and opportunities, the theories related to this role and competences that must be achieved for this role. (Examples: Health Promoter and Care Provider, Learner and teacher, Leader and Manager, Research Consumer, Political Advocate, Colleague and Collaborator – See Chapters 2-12) The paper should be 3-4 full pages in length (not including the Title page and reference page). Make sure to use PRIMARY sources and DO NOT USE QUOTES. This paper will automatically be submitted to Turn it in. Be sure to review the report. You may resubmit to Turn it in again if your number is high, but this should be done prior to the due date. Make any changes necessary and resubmit.

1. Introduction with a purpose statement , a discussion section, and a conclusion paragraph which summarizes the main points of the paper.
20 points
2. Body of the paper should include the information listed above under Assignment Instructions.
40 points
3. APA format, proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
20 points
4. Paper submitted to Turn it in on time and Final form submitted in Word in the assignment box.
20 points
*You will need to have at least three references in this paper. (One may be your text book, others should be from evidence based resource. (Some type of study, research article, systematic review, meta analysis, meta synthesis, case study, expert opinion)


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