The Legalization of Alcohol

The Legalization of Alcohol

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Paper 1-The Legalization of Alcohol

Should be people under the age of 21 be able to legally purchase alcohol? Please take a yes or no stand and write a position paper based on your findings.

Paper will be 3-4 pages, a page is considered a front page only. 1.5 spaced, 12 font with 0.5 inch margins. You must combine at least 6 statistics and at least 4 pieces of documented information from at least 4 credible sources in your paper and draw conclusions from the data. You will also include your own conclusions in the last paragraph as to your stand…has it changed or is it the same.

Follow the information below and you will have all content covered

Paper needs to have all of the following to receive full credit and NO mini sentences:

I. An introduction where you introduce the topic, background on the topic to explain why it’s important, and your view on the issue which should consist of 3 or more valid points;

II. A counter argument- summarize the counterclaims, provide supporting information for counterclaims, refute the counterclaims and give evidence for your argument.

Note: When you make an argument either way, please follow below:

___A. Assert point #1 of your claims
_____1. Give your educated and informed opinion
_____2. Provide support/proof using more than one source

III. Conclusion- Restate your argument; provide conclusions as to where you stand- have you changed your opinion or are you the same?


Following directions- 5 points

Content of paper with correct punctuation and grammar- 25

Correct number of pages and correct number of sources and stats- 10


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