Written Reflection on a Deteriorating Patient

Written Reflection on a Deteriorating Patient

Format MLA

Volume of 2000 – 2200 words (8 pages)
Assignment type : Essay

During clinical placement, the student will select a patient in their care who has had a deteriorating event. The student will discuss the case with their clinical facilitator to ensure the appropriateness of the deteriorating event.
The student will write a reflective essay using the acronym R.A.P.I.D. under the following headings:
Introduction – Brief patient history (200 words)
Recognition – describes an appropriate deteriorating event (200 words)
Assessment – describe type of assessment used during deteriorating event (200 words)
Plan – briefly describe the plan to manage the patient’s deterioration (100 words)
Intervention – use a minimum of 3 evidence based journal articles (within the last 5 years)to support the interventions (500 words)
Discharge – briefly describe the discharge plan for the patient (200 words)
Reflection – using the clinical reasoning cycle, write a reflection on the deteriorating event and subsequent management of the patient (600 words)


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