The Coca Cola Company

The Coca Cola Company

Format AMA

Volume of 500 – 4000 pages (9 pages)
Assignment type : Essay

I want you to give me a brief description of cola cola company, the company’s products it markets, the company’s current or previous ceo and their missions as well in handling the company. These all factors mentioned above should be talk in the introduction of this essay.
And in the next paragraph i want you to talk on the coca cola company’s organization structure, how the company market and distribute its products to other coca cola departments which are found worldwide and also how the products reach the consumers.
you shuold also give me one paragraph of the SPAN OF CONTROL structure in the coca cola company in simple english but a high content if possible.
you are to give one paragraph about the WORK SPECIALIZATION of one of the coca cola company. The work specialization can be from the company main headquartered itself or one of the company’s largest department. This also write it in an understood manner.
I want also to know the company CENTRALIZATION AND DECENTRALIZATION as well in another paragraph.


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