Doctor of physical therapy – personal statement

Doctor of physical therapy – personal statement

Format AMA

Volume of 300 – 500 pages (2 pages)
Assignment type : Personal Statement

Write an essay, of between 300 and 500 words that reflects your understanding of the challenges that today’s physical therapists face in our profession and how it affects physical therapy practice. This statement is an important part of your application and allows the Admissions Committee to understand you beyond your transcripts.

To better understand who I am, here is a little background of myself. I am a very physically active individual. To be specific, I do endurance type races such as Ironman Triathlons, marathons and half marathons. I use these type of events to raise money for charity and for my local church called Life Christian Center. I am highly involved with my community by volunteering at community events and feeding the homeless. I am involved in a non profit organization that helps bring food to many parts of San Diego who are a low income community. I serve in my church by being on the music team and teaching children about the Bible. I am involved in many research studies at San Diego state university. For example, I’ve assisted professor to conduct a study for physical activity measurement in middle school kids. Another, is testing the Apple Watch validity for wheelchair users and assisting in an ekso skeleton study for those who have spinal cord injuries. I will be presenting the Apple Watch study at the Southwest American College of Sports Medicine conference. My passion is to become a neurological physical therapist. I’ve been employed for starbucks coffee for 10 years achieving quality service to each customer. I’ve been awarded “partner of the quarter” for outstanding performance voted by other coworkers. I have also led 12 running relay teams to complete a 200 mile relay. This has shown by discipline and commitment to a greater cause.


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