Stereotype of a person according to what they like

Stereotype of a person according to what they like

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Assignment type : Research Paper


In writing this paper, you may want to use the sample paper provide in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010, pp. 41-54) as well as previous student papers–attachments above. I will expect a complete paper, written in APA style, and with all major parts included (e.g., title page, abstract, a Figure, a Table, etc.). I have prepared a module to help you in writing this paper–try to finish it before you start the paper and feel free to refer to it as you write your paper (See file above APAcontent.htm — provided when doing “edited paper assignment”). The design for this paper is a simple 3-group experiment, which can be analyzed using a oneway analysis of variance and t-tests to examine the effect of one IV on a DV. The theory is that Stereotypes of a person influences judgments. Differences should emerge if the IV has an effect on the DV. You will need to develop a hypothesis that can be tested with the study once you read the literature to learn of what predictions (hypothesEs) are warranted. You are responsible for developing and doing the research background for this study. You should be able to find ample empirical literature on judgments, attributions, or perceptions of of stereotypes about others. This study amends itself to different perspectives, which should facilitate your literature review. You should be able to find many relevant articles in this area using the search engines available to us. Remember to make full use of the full-text article databases available through our library, as well as locating related articles through regular journal subscriptions and inter-library loan. Please note that CSUB has access to most APA journals in the EBSCOhost–PsychINFO collection. (If you examine the instrument closely, you will see that other subject variables (ex post facto IVs, i.e., gender, own perceived attractiveness) have been included in this design, and time permitting, we will do an analysis of cross-tabulations, correlations, and t-tests to check for other differences and third variables).

We conducted the experiment, analyzed the data, and interpreted the results in class. Consequently, your assignment here calls for …

1. Write the SPSS code program (attach it to your paper as an Appendix–only spss language and code, not the output)
2. Use descriptive statistics, t-test, chi-square, a Pearson correlation, and/or ANOVA (ONEWAY) to examine the results of your study
3. Provide a minimum of ten references that include various formats (check APA book for format on how to cite these sources and how to reference them as well):
* Journal article
* Book reference
* Single author article
* Multiple author articles
* Chapter edited in a book
* Personal Communication
* Newspaper Article
* Internet article
* Government data
* Magazine article
4. Provide a Table and a Figure in your paper
5. Provide a copy of the survey in the Appendices
6. Analyze the data using SPSS
7. Use your literature review to justify your hypothesis/ses
8. Be critical of possible confounds in the experiment
9. In your discussion go over possible alternative explanations and rule them out if the data allow it
10. Make sure you also use your sources in the Discussion section of your paper, as well as addressing issues of validity and reliability
11. May have to turn in your references and notes you took in writing the paper.

Because for most of you this is your first time writing an APA paper, I recommend that you be extremely cognizant of format. I will be counting words (title should not be more than 12 words), and I will be checking format for how you quote your sources. Remember to use the module mentioned in the beginning of this paper, as well as the APA book as a reference; APA style can only be mastered through practice, and mistakes will be heavily penalized. There is no page limit to this paper.

Instrument used in this study (which you should include as part of one of your paper appendices)


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