Case Study on Medicaid, Medicare and Universal Health Care

Case Study on Medicaid, Medicare and Universal Health Care

Format APA

Volume of 5 pages (1375 words)
Assignment type : Case Study

You must use current materials from the web to complete this assignment. Some sources of information can be found online units on Medicare, Medicaid, Universal Health Care and the Uninsured and Underinsured.

Select either Meidicaid or Medicare to write about for this assignment
Identify and review one government and one private agency site on Medicaid or Medicare. In your paper you should identify the names of the web sites you used and provide their complete URL.
In your own words, write a brief summary of the web sites.
After reviewing the web sites and your readings, discuss what you believe are some of the problems and/or gaps in the current Medicaid/Medicare system and what are your recommendations for fixing these problems/gaps. You must make relevant references to your readings.
How does the Affordable Care Act address any of the gaps that you found in the Meidicaid/Medicare Programs?
Reflective Question – How does the debate over universal health care policy reflect the history and values of social welfare in the United States? At a minimum refer to three different chapters in Trattner. with proper citations.
Students are expected to answer all the questions of the assignment. Your paper should be completed in 4-6 pages and must make a minimum of three relevant references to your class readings or sources available through Moodle (in addition to the required Trattner references). References should use proper APA style.


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