The role of extrinsic motivation in learning english as a second language among college students

The role of extrinsic motivation in learning english as a second language among college students

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Assignment type : Thesis

Students from a department/college listed below who plan on conducting human subjects research (and projects, if applicable) must submit an application to their respective committee using this application or their department’s own electronic submission process:

Department/College using this application:

– College of Education – Social Work
– Nursing – Sociology
– Geography – Criminal Justice
– Public Policy and Admin – Psychology

Departments using a separate electronic process:

– Communication

If your department is not listed above, you must submit to the university IRB on our electronic review software, Cayuse IRB. Go to for instructions.

Application Checklist:

0 Training is required prior to submitting an application. Please see our Training page for recommended courses and links.

0 Applications must be typed. Handwritten application will not be accepted.

0 You must attach your informed consent form, all data collection tools, interview questions, and/or recruitment flyers/emails.

0 Evaluation of risks in your research should consider all possible risks associated with your research. See the Investigator Manual for more.

Submit Application:

Submit this form to your departmental/college research review committee. If you do not know how or to whom to submit this application, contact your faculty advisor or professor for information.


Exempt research must have an informed consent process, although there is flexibility as exempt research is not governed by the regulatory requirements. Below are examples of various ways to respect participant autonomy:

• Use the Exempt Research informed consent form templates on the Resources page.
o If identifiers will be collected, it is best to obtain signatures.

o If you are conducting anonymous paper or online surveys in which identifiers are not collected, alter the informed consent form so signatures are not required. The collection of signatures in this case would be the only identifiers, thus placing them at risk for loss of confidentiality. Informed Consent forms can be kept by the participant as an information sheet and their participation serves as consent.

o In some cases, verbal informed consent is the best option, although this is rare. Use the Exempt Research Template as a script and ask for a verbal “Yes” or “No” for participation. Scripts will also need to be submitted with this application.

Informed consent forms are the only document your participant will see regarding your study. Respect your participants by using common language and ensuring they have all the necessary information to make an informed decision to participate or not participate.


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