Feminist Ethical Theory or Ethical Intuition perspective

Feminist Ethical Theory or Ethical Intuition perspective

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Assignment type : Essay

Case Study:

You are a student attending Major State University (in Anywhere, USA). You were at the library last night as you were preparing your challenging case study to turn in to philosophy class today. While working on your paper, you observed Fred Football (a student in your class) copying his essay off the Internet in what you perceived to be a cut and paste job. This amounts to academic dishonesty as defined by the Plagiarism policy of your school

However, you also know (from reading a profile story about Fred in the University newspaper) that Fred is the first member of his family to seek education past high school. His father died two years ago, and the family is counting on Fred (and his sports scholarship) to help them get out of deep poverty. Fred is also the star player on the University football and due to his unique skill-set has managed to put MSU on the national football “map” for the first time in decades. MSU is rated in the national top-ten and, as long as Fred continues to play up to his potential, will be bowl-eligible at the end of the season. This will mean hundreds of thousands of dollars for needy students as MSU uses a good portion of its revenue from sports to support non-academic scholarships. Fred also is projected to be a top-five pick in the upcoming draft which will mean millions of dollars for his family.

In short, as you think about it, you realize that Fred is under enormous pressure from his family, his coaches, the student-body, University officials, wealthy alumni, and himself. But you also know that what he is doing violates

Your assignment is to discuss this Case using a Feminist Ethical Theory (as described in chapter 7 of your textbook) or Ethical Intuitionist perspective (chapter 8).

Specifically address these questions in your essay:

What are the insights of your chosen Ethical Theory? Describe the unique perspective on ethical issues taken by your chosen theory.
How do these insights apply to the case study? What would your chosen theory tell you to do (or not do) in response to what you have observed?
NOTE: make sure you put the name of your theory in the subject line of your essay post.

Compare your analysis to that of a fellow student. Where do you agree? Where do you disagree? Why? What problems can you foresee with each proposal? How could you “fix” or “solve” these problems?
NOTE: you must choose a student who has posted using a DIFFERENT theory than you did in your essay post!



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