History of Architecture

History of Architecture

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Assignment type : Essay

Working individually, you are to select a single architect or firm from the second half of the 20th Century whose work relates to one or more of the movements covered in the lectures. Drawing from the readings and lecture notes, you are to write a 3000 word essay which focuses on the DEVELOPMENT of an architect’s work over time and the historical and theoretical themes that underpin it. This should focus on a comparison of TWO separate works by the same architect, and develop an appreciation of their differences and the possible reasons and motivations for these shifts. This comparison should also consider the changing reception of each architect’s work as theorists and historians have interpreted architecture in differing ways, at different times, influencing the path of history. While not restricted to these aspects, your essay should consider the approach to planning, site, context, space, materials, politics, culture and theory in the architect¿s work, as well as the relationship they have to the movements being studied.


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