film review

film review
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Format MLA
Academic Level: –
Volume of 5 pages (1375 words)
Assignment type : Article

How does the film’s marketing convey and communicate its genre? In reviews and articles about the film, how do critics and writers identify/categorize/describe the film in terms of genre? How do the film’s marketing and reviews/articles portray teenage girls and their issues?

Things to consider:

Who is the audience for the film? How does the marketing construct that audience? Reviews and articles will appear in publications with their set audience. How do the reviews and/or articles use the film to engage with their audiences?
How do the materials suggest the film will portray adolescence? Are issues regarding identity (race, class, sexuality, size, etc.) central to the film and its publicity?
Do the materials take teen girls and their lives seriously or do they suggest that the film will instead teach a lesson?
How do the promotional materials and reviews represent female adolescence? Are actual teen girls the audience? If so, how do the materials talk to them? If not, how do the materials talk about them?
Do the materials suggest that the film reflects a larger cultural issue? If so, how do they suggest the film will engage with it? Do the girls in the appear to be victimized? Empowered? Made an example of?
Note: If you want to write about a film that we have yet to watch in class, you will need to watch it on your own. Most films are on reserve at the Instructional Media Lab in the College Library (, and several can be streamed online through Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon or Google Play.



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