Persuasive Essay—Eating Well

Persuasive Essay—Eating Well

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your topic and persuade your audience to make a specific change in their eating habits or lifestyle.
In order to persuade your audience, this change needs to be very specific. If it is too broad, then
your essay and thesis statement will not be focused enough.
Example: Eating healthy meals every day, exercising frequently, and eliminating all fast foods will
help people to realize their health potential and live longer, healthier lives.
Whether or not that statement is true is irrelevant. The statement is too broad and unfocused. Who
do I mean by “people?” What do I mean by “health potential?”
As is also represented in this example, you can see that there are far too many suggestions for
change. If you are trying to persuade your specific audience, you risk overwhelming them when
you suggest too many changes or a change in their entire lifestyle. Think about how you would
adapt your writing choices to the audience you are writing to. Use your Audience Analysis to help
you write persuasively while considering your audience’s needs, interests, habits, values, and so on.
If you reread the student Audience Analysis examples, you will understand how to adapt your
persuasive argument to your audience. One example uses college students age 18-22 as its intended
audience. The student writers used their knowledge of that audience to make the persuasive
argument that college students need to make time in their busy schedules to eat breakfast so that it
will give them energy and help them focus on their studies. That is the type of very specific focus
you should be aiming for.
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Double spaced
4 pages minimum length
MLA paper formatting (Works Cited page at the end of the document if using additional sources.)
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