Questionable Assumptions about Schooling

Questionable Assumptions about Schooling

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After reading the article “Questionable Assumptions about Schooling” by Elliot Eisner, choose 3 assumptions (from the 12 discussed) and identify which educational theory (e.g., perennialism, social reconstructionism, etc.) AND which broader philosophical school (e.g., Realism, Existentialism, etc.) the assumption, or questionable assumption, is most likely based upon or informed by. Explain your rationale and provide concrete evidence to support your position (i.e., use the books and all the handouts for reference). Each rationale should amount to 300-400 words. For example:

5. Knowledge consists of true assertions about empirical states of affairs. Therefore, what students cannot say, they do not know.

Explanation of this assumption can be partly understood by first examining the educational theory underlying such a belief. In Dewey’s body of literature, we find the obvious foundation of pragmatist thinking and practical application of epistemology….. anything other is wasteful and fluff (cite)….. further explanation…… Within educational theory we see pragmatism greatly influence progressive pedagogy as, for example, logic is an ostensible requirement for teacher planning and instruction, but also must be assumed of the learner (cite)….. In all… I believe this assumption represents an accurate ( or inaccurate) representation of students’ likelihood to succeed because….


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