Create An Informational Pamphlet

To create an informational pamphlet to explain the IEP process to  families prior to meeting with them and to evaluate your pamphlet.

It is the spring of your first year of  teaching in a preschool setting. Juan, a student in your class, has an  individualized educational plan (IEP), developed by a team consisting of  a special education teacher, a speech therapist, Juan’s parents, and  yourself. To smooth Juan’s transition into kindergarten, you call a  meeting with Juan’s parents and the IEP team. Watch the video of Marks  IEP meeting.  You are struck by the warm and informative nature of the team meeting and want to create a similar tone for your meeting.  Realizing that Juan’s parents are new to the school system, you decide  to create a pamphlet that will provide them (and eventually other  parents) with key information. You recall that Juan’s parents remarked  that they are still not sure what an IEP is and what it is supposed to  accomplish. You decide to create a pamphlet summarizing key information  about the rights and due process protection to children with  disabilities under IDEA and how the IEP aligns with these goals. Then,  at pick-up one afternoon Juan’s mother confides in you that she is  worried about her son transitioning into Kindergarten—it’s such a big  step! You decide to reassure parents by outlining the transition process  in writing. Last, Juan’s mother says she is anxious about what will  take place at the meeting. Is he making progress? Will he be okay in  kindergarten? You realize that providing an agenda beforehand will help  allay their concerns.


Focus Assignment: 

Create  a digital version of a pamphlet for parents that will help them prepare  for an upcoming team meeting focused on Juan’s IEP. Write a brief  introduction about who will attend the meeting. Then write a jargon-free  paragraph or two about the rights and due process protection to  children with disabilities ages 3 to 5 years under IDEA, and how the IEP  is aligned with IDEA goals. Then write a paragraph to summarize the  steps Juan’s team will take to ensure his smooth transition to  kindergarten. Last, create a bulleted list of a typical transitional  meeting agenda, beginning with a discussion of the child’s strengths. Include graphics in your presentation so that it is appealing to the eye. You may want to use a template to guide your creation.  Do not just copy and paste words from the internet


1. For each item on your pamphlet, explain how this addresses the issues in the scenario