Topic 1: Regulated Health Professional

What does it mean to be a Regulated Health Professional according to the Regulated Health Professionals Act?

Why regulation is important in healthcare?

How does the College of Nurses of Ontario’s adhere to the legislation for a self-regulating profession? (Consider: Standards of practice, criteria for registration, quality assurance, practice guidelines)

What is the purpose of registration for nurses? Why is it important for nurses to be registered?



Topic 2: Standards of Practice 

What is the significance of the College of Nurses of Ontario Practice Standards to RPN practice?

Using the Practice Standards: Professional Standards, Revised 2002 (2018), Choose two of the professional standards and provide an explanation of how the RPN enacts the professional standards in practice.



· Be written in APA format 7th edition with citations and references according to APA @ Conestoga

· Each section will be 250-500 words

· Be in Ariel 12 font, double-spaced