Positive Psychology Signature Strengths

Written Paper: Signature Strengths 

As individuals, we have considerable influence over what kind of character we develop and the kind of people we want to become. Character strengths are the foundation upon which we build our value systems, develop our abilities, and gain from our accomplishments. Character is the positive inner strength. Researchers at the VIA Institute on Character have identified 24 VIA Character Strengths that fall under six virtues: wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance and transcendence.

For this activity, you will take an online survey that addresses different aspects of strength and abilities.

Part 1: First, review the  24 VIA Character Strengths

Part 2: Predict your top five strengths.

(I predicted: Humor, Honesty, Love, Curiosity & Perspective)

Part 3: Register and take the free  VIA Signature Strengths Inventory (VIA-IS)  (You will need to complete site registration before you can take the inventory.) Keep a copy of your results.

I attached my top 5 in the screenshot so go by that

Part 4: In three pages (plus a cover sheet and reference page), address the following:

1. List the strengths you predicted would be your top five, and describe them based on the VIA Classification.

2. List and describe what the VIA Signature Strengths inventory revealed to be your top strengths. Where did your predicted strengths rank? What thoughts do you have about these results?

3. Describe a time in your life when you used one of the top five strengths identified in your survey results. The time may be about a task you accomplished or a time at work, in nature, on vacation, with family and/or friends, or by yourself. Be specific in your description.

4. What new insights did you gain about your personal strengths from this exercise?|