Social Work

The systems theory in social work is a practice utilized for understanding people’s problems and assessing strengths and challenges in a presenting issue and being able to grasp a client’s surroundings and how they function. A social worker using this system theory will need to visit the mother’s house, speak with the children, create a service plan for the mother to follow, and provide any additional help the mother might require, such as transportation. By helping the mother with her mental health and maintaining the family unit, the system will be advantageous to the client.


The Systems Theory is used to evaluate clients and their environment so that the social worker can better understand them as a whole, which would help them more effectively. When trying to help a client, you only assess them and not their surroundings they are more likely not to succeed if the subsystems around them are not good influences or bettering that client. By taking the time to fully assess the client, including the subsystems around them, you can make a better plan of action on how to further help them in their specific environment. It is kind of similar to a diet plan or a workout plan. A trainer is going to get all your strengths and weaknesses together so that they can come up with a plan that they know is fit to work just for you.



Respond to two colleagues’ posts:

· Suggest two positive/supporting features of the systems theory that are different from the one you illustrated.