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A sexual health survey was conducted among Australian Year 10 and Year 12 school students. Out of 125 male Year 10 students, 35 responded ‘yes’ to the question ‘had they ever had sex’, while of 147 female Year 10 students, 36 responded positive to this question. Among the Year 12 students, 62 out of 129 males and 76 out of 167 females responded ‘yes’ to this question.
a) Calculate and interpret the overall prevalence of ‘ever had sex’ for Year 10 students? would you say these (as in part a) are point or period prevalence? Briefly justify your answer
In the same sexual health survey, students were asked whether they had used a condom during their most recent sexual encounter. Out of the 35 male Year 10 students who had responded that they ‘ever had sex’, 27 responded ‘yes’ to this second question, while of 36 female Year 10 students, 25 responded in the positive to condom use. Among Year 12 students, respective positive responses were 45 of 62 males and 37 of 76 females.
b) Calculate and interpret the prevalence of protective sex for Year 12 male and female students separately? Are these (as in part b) point or period prevalence? Briefly justify your answer –

Express your answers as percentages for parts ‘a’ and ‘c’ with two decimal places.