Topic: Accounting ( Statistical Smart PLS)

Topic: Accounting ( Statistical Smart PLS)

Pages: 17, Double spaced
Sources: 30

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Order type: Thesis
Subject: Accounting
Academic level: PhD
Style: Harvard
Language: English (U.K.)

Order Description

My subject is Accounting but my order depends on Smart PLS Statistical so, I want a good proficianl writer who has more knowledge, information and experience on Smart PLS Statistical .
So, I have two chapters the first chapter is ( AN OVERVIEW OF PARTIAL LEAST SQUARES STRUCTURAL EQUATION MODELLING & PRELIMINARY RESULTS ) which will be 4,500 words . It is about more information about smart pls statistical and then preliminary results that must be taken from SPSS to get information .
All requirements written on the file ( Str, Chapter 61) so, please follow it step by step . If you see the file there are two parts don’t write about them which are ( 6.2 & 6.3)

After finishing the first chapter then i will make another order for the second chapter which is (RESULTS OF MAIN MODEL EVALUATION ) which will be 4,500 words . It is about analysis my data by Smart PLS statistical .
All requirements will be sent them when you finishing the first chapter .