Topic: Sustainable Tourism

Topic: Sustainable Tourism
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Order type: Dissertation Chapter – Methodology
Subject: Tourism

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My thesis is about discovering current and potential marketing strategies for promoting tourism in Disney Nature Village. The questions and hypothesis that are needed to be addressed are as follows:
1- What are current strategies that are currently being used to promote Disney Nature Village?
2- What are potential strategies that could be used to promote Disney Nature Village?
Hypothesis: Effectively building and promoting a Nature Villages would encourage Sustainable Tourism and increase overnights in deserted destinations.
In this methodology chapter, I would like to gather secondary data that includes information from literature on Nature Villages and Sustainable tourism with the goals to find current strategies and trends as well as suggest potential ones. Moreover find statistical data on sustainable tourism, Nature Villages and their overnights.
Please make sure that all the resources are free or accessible internationally in order to be able to access it.