Topic: Why Germans don’t purchase electric cars?

Topic: Why Germans don’t purchase electric cars?

Pages: 50, Double spaced
Sources: 50

Order type: Dissertation
Subject: Management

Style: APA
Language: English (U.K.)
1 Introduction 1500 words
1.1 Background to your selection/interest in topic.
1.2 History of topic subject
1.3 Importance to current economy/society/organisation.
1.4 Brief overview of topic.
1.5 The research question/ dissertation Aim/4-6 objectives of the study.
1.6 Introduction to the chapters that follow.

2 Literature Review 5000 words
2.1 definition of topic
2.2 Brief history of topic
2.3 General discussion of topic
2.4 At the end lead the reader into a Focus on specific area of the topic to be studied in Chapter Data and Analysis. This will also give a guide to the Research Methods chapter.

3 Research Methods 2000 words
3.1 Introduction to research methods.
3.2 Discuss and justify your research philosophy, research approaches, research strategies, time horizons, and data collection methods.
3.3 Discuss in detail your data collection methods that are most appropriate and their design.
3.4 Discuss and justify the sample size you have selected compared with the total population.
3.5 Consider how the data will be presented.
3.6 Ethical Issues of Dissertation data collection/confidentiality etc.
3.7 Reliability, validity, generlisability etc.

4 Data and Analysis 5000 words
4.1 Presentation of your secondary data with its analysis link where supported by Lit Rev.
4.2 Presentation of primary data and analysis link where supported by Lit Rev and secondary data.
4.3 Summary of data and analysis

5 Conclusion 1500 words
5.1 Conclusion should lead the reader through the dissertation of how you have come to your conclusion.
5.2 The reader should be able to tell where the Aim and objectives have been achieved or reason why not.
5.3 The research question should have been answered either positively or negatively and the discussion of its meaning.
5.4 Nothing should appear in the conclusion that is not in the proceeding chapters. We should not introduce anything new at this stage.

6 Recommendation 1000 – 1500 words
6.1 These should come out of the conclusions in a more concise way (bullet points if necessary).

7 Evaluation of Research
7.1 Discuss how the research could be taken further and any issues that may have come up that would help future research into this topic