Topic: Six Sigma Project measure Process

Topic: Six Sigma Project measure Process

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The project is six sigma process over how hewlett packard routes calls and cases to the 3rd level support team. how the current process goes. Cases can be submitted directly to 3ls from Technical consultants of major accounts holders. i.e chase bank, AT&T, Verizon, Walmart,mc Donald, UK government, USAA. Or they get routed through 1LS 2LS if enough of the same issue was being called in the the type of issue would be escalated to 3LS. We are in the Measure process.  if  need more information look up scholarly six sigma cases for call center operations or customer service processes.

Complete the following Measure tools (Required): Key Performance Indicators, Operational Definitions, Build a Data Collection Plan/Method, Determine if your data is Continuous, Count, Attribute, or Categorical/Contextual Data

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