Lab project biology

Lab project biology

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Discipline Biology
Assignment type : Thesis
For the proposals, you basically need these things:

1) Rational/overall question: why are you doing this experiment. What’s the question? Try to get that out right away whenever writing papers of posters.

2) Background. Consult the prior literature. What’s been done on your system in the past? What hasn’t been done? Put your ideas into perspective.

3) Hypotheses and/or predictions. What do you expect to see and why? These are what you’ll test!

4) Materials and methods: how are you going to proceed. Be sure to try to include specific analyses you’ll use.

Note: M&M and even hypotheses/questions can change in the early stages of your experiment.

SO, the above can be summarized into: 1) Big picture, 2) Background, 3) hypotheses/predictions, 4) Materials and methods. Do your best to address all four .