Topic: Management Questions part 1

Topic: Management Questions part 1

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For each question the answer should be a minimum of 150 words and specifically reference the applicable elements.

Question 1:
Identify a publicly traded company of your choice and explain why you choose that company. Explain which industry the company you chose operates in and on which market they are traded.

Question 2:
Describe the three categories of ratios used in ratio analysis. When working on assessing the company you chose, which of these ratios do you think is the most important indicator of successful performance, why?

Question 3:
Project your Social Security benefits from your company organization’s website. Many retirement plans suggest that you should create a lump sum of cash to generate enough interest income equal to about 80% of your current income. Calculate how much money you would have to save each month from now until retirement in order to achieve a lump sum large enough to yield interest income equal to 80% of your current income. How much would you need to save each month?