Topic: Commodification in “Doctored”

Topic: Commodification in “Doctored”

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Subject: Sociology

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This assignment requires you to apply the concept of commodification to the text Doctored. It is essential to both define and give context to the concept of commodification, as well as show how this process is affecting the role of Dr. Jauhar as a physician. Detailed descriptions of Dr. Jauhar’s job and the subsequent analysis of major themes he brings attention to will determine how well you do on this assignment. A simple book report will result in a very low grade.
Give multiple examples of commodification from the book.


The paper should be at least four pages in length, double-spaced. You may draw on whatever sources (on-line, library, etc.) to help you answer your question. You MUST cite all sources and include a bibliography. Feel free to use whatever bibliographic style that you feel comfortable using (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).

Major requirements of paper:

Clearly explained definition of commodification and how the concept is used generally
Extremely detailed examples from the text that show commodified relationships