Topic: Web Server Practical

Topic: Web Server Practical

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Order type: Essay
Subject: Computer Science

Style: APA
Language: English (U.S.)

1) You are required to configure and test a Web server to provide web hosting services to a client computer. Install and configure a web server, serving out a default web page that you have created. The web page should contain at least your name(Boburkhon Tursunov), the subject name “ITC333 Server Maintenance and Administration – Assessment 3” and may contain other content that you choose to create. Test the operation of your web server using an external client requesting a web page that you have created. [5 marks]
2) Configure a new web page on your Web server to communicate in a secure manner using SSL. The content of the new page should include the phrase “ITC333 Assessment 3 – with encryption”. You will need to create a certificate, and configure your web server to use that certificate to provide HTTPS services. [5 marks]
3) Capture and describe the network activity occurring between the client and Web Server for both part 1 and part 2 of this practical assignment. On your Linux computer use a packet sniffer to capture network traffic, then analyse and describe the HTTP and HTTPS transfer processes between client and server, and describe the detail in each packet. [5 marks].
Submit a learning diary for these activities in which you should include:
• Your Web server configuration, including copies of the underlying Web server configuration files;
• Screenshots from your client device validating the operation of the Web server;
• Details and analysis of the packet capture;
• What you did;
• What problems you encountered and how you solved them;
• How much time you spent on each part of the exercise.

This assessment item is design to test your
• assess your progress towards meeting subject learning outcomes 2, 3, 5 and 6;
• assist you to develop your learning of the principles covered in topics 1-10 of the subject;
• knowledge of the details of network service technologies;
• ability to apply problem-solving techniques;
• ability to find credible information sources and apply them;
• ability to write clearly and concisely; and
• ability to correctly reference information sources.

Marking criteria

Part 1.

This part is a series of multiple choice questions. Each correct answer will score 1 mark. Marks will not be deducted for incorrect answers.

Most quizzes will involve multiple choice or true/false type questions, although quizzes may include other contents. Marks will be given based on the correctness of the answers. The Test Centre will be marking automatically and you will receive marks according to the following criteria:
HD – At least 85% answers were correct
DI – At least 75% answers were correct
CR – At least 65% answers were correct
PS – At least 50% answers were correct

Part 2.

You should submit your assessment as a single word document which should contain all components of your assignment. Use screenshots to provide evidence and detail of the work you have done, complimenting your written answers.