Homeless Veterans in the America

Homeless Veterans in the America
Reason for writing:
The importance of this research is to find out more about why there is a massive amount of homeless people, people on welfare, and the number of people living in poverty. A reader would be interested in the larger work because Washington D.C. is considered the major capital of the U.S. This project would be considered as macro theory of poverty in Washington D.C.
It would make readers more aware of the poverty rates in Washington D.C and around the U.S., which may in hopes inspire or motivate people to end poverty in our country. Research will be done to find out about the depths of people in poverty in Washington D.C. in which the goals are to help reduce the percentage of poverty. The main claim of this work would be the exploration of poverty rates in Washington D.C.
I think the best way to find out the percentage of people in the line of poverty in Washington D.C. is to do a questionnaire. The questions can be based on the person’s income level and how many people are living in the house and what’s their income level. Then after you calculate all of that, you could make a graph on the poverty rate in Washington D.C. The graph would create a visual for the readers to understand the poverty rates in Washington D.C. Depending on the person’s socio-economic attributes I can see if they would take the questionnaire. This is how I want to design my methodology.
In 2000, there were 109,500 poor people, so the poverty rate was 20.2% (Brookings, 2010). In 2006 through 2008, there were 99,243 poor people, so the poverty rate was 17.8% (Brookings, 2010).
The changes that should be implemented as a result of the findings would be to become educated, donate to organizations or charities, start or join an organization, volunteering in the community, help create a dialogue about poverty, and take legislative action. This work adds to the body of knowledge on poverty by exposing the poverty rates as well as creating solutions to ending poverty.

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