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Please read instructions carefully!!
A strong thesis statement provides an important sense of direction for any essay. When writing an essay, you may need to spend more time on developing a good thesis than on the first draft of your essay! Since you are in a senior-level course, you’ve probably written thesis statements for quite a few literary essays. You’ll be able to use the skills you’ve learned from past experience to complete this assignment.
Read page 721 in Literature Texas Treasures: British Literature. The textbook information can serve as a guide to help you in developing your thesis ideas, but you will not be writing an essay yet. In this assignment, you will submit only the thesis statement. This will not be a thesis paragraph or introductory paragraph. You will submit only one sentence.

Review either the assigned poems of William Blake or the assigned poems of William Wordsworth. Think about the themes, the literary elements, or the elements of Romanticism shown by one of these authors. Develop a strong thesis statement. Remember that a good thesis is usually the answer to a how or why question, or it may be a cause-and-effect statement.
Once you’ve written your first draft of the thesis statement, ask yourself the following questions:
Is the thesis broad enough so that I could create several paragraphs, each with a separate idea, to discuss this?
Is the thesis specific enough that the idea can be fully discussed within a five-paragraph essay?
Are there clear examples from the poetry to support the thesis?
Is the statement logical and grammatically correct?
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