Topic: How Human Resources fit within the scope of the larger discipline of business

Topic: How Human Resources fit within the scope of the larger discipline of business

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Strategic Human Resource Management

How Human Resources fit within the scope of the larger discipline of business
• Interactions between Human Resources and other departments in one or more organizations add value.
• Human Resources and Marketing are not so separate. Organizations need to get top talent employees in order to achieve long-term success. This is more beneficial when it comes to specific aspects such as employer branding, keeping both the employees and customers happy, keeping up with change as well as attracting the right talent in the market to sell the company’s products. Therefore, Human Resources set the position in the market and Marketing helps the effort to make the business look attractive.
• Human Resources interact with Information Systems in various fields, which has led to a new concept of Human Resource Information System (HRIS). This system has become one of the most sought after information systems in the business market.
• Human Resources also fit in with Finance, in the sense of their objectives. Human Resources have the objective to recruit, select, and onboard a productive employee force. There is a requirement of financial information in order to ensure the objectives are achieved and there is maximum job efficiency. This then brings together the goals of Human Resources and Finance into putting all the resources, both human and finance in order to come up with a productive workforce.

Structure in the different ways that Human Resources fit within the scope of the larger discipline of business
• Human Resources best practices are applicable in a broad spectrum, both in startup business and already established organizations.
• The training and development aspects are relational as they employ similar mechanics in the handling of work processes in organizations.
• The training differs when the platform changes to global companies because culture takes root and is significant in the training process.

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Students will write a 9-10 page paper describing how Human Resource Management as a discipline fits within the scope of the larger discipline of business.
• Students should incorporate information on how a Human Resource department interacts with a minimum of 3 other functions in one or more organization(s), including, but not limited to: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing, PR, Sales, Service, R&D, or Administration.
• The paper must include a 1-page Executive Summary detailing which organization(s) and which functions are examined in the body of the paper (which does not count as part of the page requirement).
• The body of the paper should include concrete examples of best practices from recognizable organizations. Examples may be from the same organization, or multiple organizations. Examples may be taken from current events, and/or from organizational analysis found in sources such as textbooks, journals, trade publications, and reliable business, government, and HR related websites (e.g., BLS, DOL, EEOC, SHRM, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNN Money, WSJ, NYT, etc.). Any citations must be cited consistent with APA format. Please also use several of the HR related websites. They have very good information.
• All papers will be submitted via Turnitin for a required review of originality. No more than 20% similarity index should be reported for this assignment. DO NOT PLAGARIZE!!
• In keeping with the rubric, papers will be graded on content, clarity, creativity, correctness, and critical thinking.