Topic: Security in CDN (Contents Distribution Networks) (Network Security Concerns for web users and policy issues )

Topic: Security in CDN (Contents Distribution Networks) (Network Security Concerns for web users and policy issues )

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Detailed Guidelines and Requirements need to be worked on in stage 3:
Week 5 and 6 Submission:
Create Analysis Tables for the following:
Analyse your secondary data that you collected from literature review by creating the analysis tables related to the goal of your topic.
The analysis in these tables showing the dependent factors (The outcome of Interest); number of tables will be equalled to the number of these dependent variables. Dependent variables means what you want to measure (Outcome of interest).
Each table you need identify the independent variables (Predictor variables) that cause the outcome of interest (Dependent variables).
You also need identify the moderator variable that has strong impact on the relationship between dependent and independent variables. From this variable, you are going to create Hypothesis If … then ….
Example: The Student’s performance (Dependent Variables) will based on Quality of teaching (Independent Variable). The moderator variable will be the student’s commitment over the subject (Moderator variable). The Hypothesis will be: The high performance of the students will based on high quality of teaching if the students have a commitments over the subject.
Design a Universal Framework:
Design a Universal Framework that group all analysis tables above and shows the relationships.

Week 6 and 7 Submission:
Create the following tables in ORGANIZED way and in good format:
First Table has 3 columns. First column shows the Topic AREAS that are working in; Communications, Social interaction, and Health Monitoring. This column includes the sub-area for each area as well. Second columns will be for the problem in each sub-area. The third columns is the possible mitigation of the each problem identified in column 2.
Second Table is break down the problem and shows your participants. You need to find the positive and negative impact on each.
Your work should have the following frameworks:
First Framework is simulate the current best solution with its features and limitations
Second Framework is the main proposed framework that includes the three main areas in your work that are communication, social interaction, and Health monitoring.
For this main framework , you need to simulate the interactions of your participants in that include:
1. The interaction of (Communication) between
a. Teacher and these Kids , and How these wearable help in teaching and learning …. I need to see it very clear. What are the education areas that these devices help and how?
b. The Parent with these kids and what are the communication area these wearable device and how
c. Why these devices are less use in communication, why, and how can you improve.
d. Might you need one framework to simulate these interactions.
2. The interactions of ( social community) between
a. These kids and community and how these devices improve and ease the interaction ??. I need to see how these device work between the community and these kids and what are the areas that help in?
b. Might you need one framework to simulate these interactions.
3. The interaction of (Health) between:
a. Parents and kids
b. Doctors and kids
c. I need to see how these device work between the above2 participants what are the areas that help in?
If there is no enough space in main framework to simulate all these interactions, then Might you need 3 other frameworks to simulate each area.

Week 9 Submission:
Create the survey Questioners in good format:
Your survey questioners should has 3 sections based on the 3 areas above. Each section, need to consider the questions in details and cover all what you have done and analysed. Also consider the related block in Universal Framework
1. Draw the flowchart that shows in sequence the GENERIC steps in your work, and what are the collected techniques from your literature review for each stage.
1. Analyse your finding from Literature review. Number of Analysis tables based on what you need to analyse (What you need to Evaluate). e.g., if your goal to evaluate and improve the accuracy and processing time, then you will have only two analysis tables, one for accuracy and other for processing time. Highlight first best in light green, and second best in light orange in each table. Might you can create one table that assess the accuracy and processing time instead of two. Check sample below:

2. Select First best solution based on your tables in steps 1. Theoretically JSTIFY Why it is the best compared with others (STRONG Discussion you should have). Mention also what are the limitations of FIRST best and the mitigation of it. Select the second best or might need third one that you think their features will solve the limitations in FIRST best. JUSTIFY why these features can solve the limitations of first one (STRONG DISCUSSION).
3. Draw the diagram of in your way. Make a doted border line in blue color for the good feature of the selected first and second best solution. Make a doted border line in red color for each of those selected solutions (First and second) to show the limitations. Write the mitigation solution for the FIRST best. Please NOTICE you should use either Microsoft word or power point (preferred) to draw this diagrams (Any other tool is NOT accepted), and the diagram shouldn’t be too big.
4. Solve the limitations of the best current solution based on the priority and draw the flowchart and diagram for the proposed solution. Make a doted border line in green color for replacement new parts as sample below. You also need to JUSTIFY why each step that you are going to add or replace will solve the limitation in step 3.