Design thinking and change management models

Design thinking and change management models

Assignment type : Research Proposal

Stage of Completion: Auction
Course Scenario

Your germ of an idea has begun to sprout, and you decide that you have what it takes to be a leader of innovation in your company (or one you can imagine working for). You know that change rarely comes quickly in large global organizations, but you believe beginning a discussion, introducing ideas, and showing examples are important first steps in transforming your organization and its culture into one that is more innovative. You need a plan to jump-start the process. A colleague has suggested that you consider the Design Thinking Process to develop your ideas of how to get your company focused on innovation. You may not know much about it, but you decide to consider it.

Ultimately, you want to successfully introduce and start a dialogue within your company regarding innovation; perhaps even inspire them to change! You recognize, however; that this is asking the company—its leadership, employees, and culture—to change the way they think; you had better be prepared. You decide to analyze a change management model to better understand how it might help you to introduce your ideas of change to the company—and get them to stick.


Consult the assessment Resources and the Internet to research Design Thinking and change management theories.


Part 1: Design Thinking

Analyze the Design Thinking Process in the context of how it would help you to innovate and create an effective plan to introduce and promote innovative practices to your company.

Make sure you consider the first four steps in the process (empathize, define, ideate, and prototype) in your analysis.
Include a real-world example of how the process was successfully applied to a similar challenge.
Part 2: Change Management Models

Analyze how your chosen model could aid the transition or transformation of your company into one that is more innovation-focused. In your analysis, make sure to include:
How the change model handles the introduction of the message for change to the organization.
How the change model prepares targets for the change and gauges “readiness for change.”
How the change model handles the integration of the change.
How the change model measures success.
Analyze the phenomena of “resistance to change.” In your analysis, discuss three of the most common reasons for employees to resist change and how these issues are addressed by the change management model.
Additional Requirements
Length: 4–6 double spaced pages.
Font: 12 point, Times New Roman.
References: Minimum of 3 references using current APA style and formatting.

Format MLA

Volume of 1100 – 1650 words (5 pages)