Exploring viability of US domestic terrorism initiatives

Exploring viability of US domestic terrorism initiatives
Introductory paragraph:
State your major and sub research questions that you are attempting to answer in your capstone project. Then identify your research design and how that design accommodates your purpose.
Body paragraphs:
Plan of Action: Describe your plan of action based upon how your research design relates to your project.
Research Methodology for Data Collection for Research and Applied Projects: Introduce each sub question and explain in the paragraph how you will answer it. Take the reader step-by-step as you do your research. Explain what your sources of information are.
Concluding paragraph:
Organization and Analysis of Data: Explain how you will organize, then analyze the data leading to your project.
Major question: How viable are DHS and FBI domestic terrorism prevention initiatives?
sub questions:
1. How do DHS and FBI initiatives incorporate global terrorist activities and group dynamics to inform domestic terrorism and prevention solutions?

2. In what way do DHS and FBI initiatives discuss the influence of mass and social media on inciting domestic terrorism?

3. In what ways do DHS and FBI initiatives discuss the recruitment, socialization, and individual vulnerability indicators as essential elements of domestic terrorism prevention?
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