Rough draft of Disgrace by Coetzee

Rough draft of Disgrace by Coetzee
Assignment type : Essay

Stage of Completion: Auction
Analysis of one of these characters: Lucy Lurie, Melanie Isaacs or Petrus.

Example: Analyze not only the chosen character’s personality, but also what role the character played in advancing the overall theme of the novel. Please state what the overall message/ theme of the novel is.

The rough draft is your full essay. It needs 5 paragraphs. It needs two passages with information from the 2 articles you researched and posted in your Works Cited assignment. You must give credit to the articles by saying, According to (last name of author of article),……The essay ends with your Works Cited page.

It needs to begin with your thesis.

It needs 3 quotes from the novel, Disgrace, in the body paragraphs. One quote in each body paragraph. All that information about the essay is in the previous email that I sent you about the essay topics. It’s highlighted.
Convert your papers to Microsoft Word before submitting.

Spacing your paragraphs: In Microsoft Word, make sure you look under the Paragraph section. On the bottom of the left hand side there is a box which reads “Do not add extra spaces to like paragraphs.” Check that box! In academic papers, there are no extra spaces between the paragraphs, nor between Works Cited entries. The paper must be typed, double-spaced. Click on Double space (avoid the Multiple designation) in the same box.

Indent your paragraphs. You may use the Tab key in Microsoft Word.

Your heading is on the upper left hand corner of the first page.

The title is centered, using the same font and font size as the rest of the paper.

Do not underline or italicize your own title. Do italicize other people’s titles within the text. Underlining is no longer used.

Use either Times New Roman (preferred), or other readable type, 12 pt. font. Do not use fancy, unusual fonts.

Beyond the first page, your last name and page number should be inserted on the upper right hand corner, using the Insert > Page Number on the menu bar of Microsoft Word. The Works Cited page is the last page of the paper and is also numbered.

Use one-inch margins at the top, bottom and sides of each page.

Long quotes: Quotations of four or more lines in the typescript should be set apart (ten spaces or two strokes of the TAB key) followed by the page number. Short quotes: Passages of fewer than four lines are integrated into the text of the paper with quotation marks.
Use at least three quotes from the book.

When citing your sources, use MLA style for literary essays. It is helpful to keep your handbook open to the MLA tab as you write.

Minimum 850 words (more complex topics might require more)

Language: This is a composition class — your writing and grammar count.

Use specific supporting details from the book and at least two from outside sources.Go to the Miami Dade Databases (not Google) for your sources.

Format MLA
Academic Level: –
Volume of 4 pages (1100 words)
Type of service: Custom writing