An analysis of Holiday Economy Tourism Impact of the Scotland Hotels



An analysis of Holiday Economy Tourism Impact of the Scotland Hotels


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  • Introduction and Background (1000 words)

1.1              Introduction

1.2              Background to the study

                The research problem

1.3                 Rationale (reason for the study)

1.4              Aims and objectives of the study

The objectives of this research are:

1.5              Research questions

1.6              The relevance of the study


1.7                  Structure of the Dissertation





  • Literature review (3000 words)

2.1.       Introduction

2.2.       Conclusion




  • Research methods (1500 words)


3.1              Introduction



3.2              Research purpose

3.3              The research framework

3.4              Research philosophy and perspective

3.5              Research Approach adopted

3.6              Qualitative vs. Quantitative study

To Describe both qualitative method or quantitative analysis

3.7              Research methods used-

3.8              Sampling method

3.9              Data analysis

3.10          Validity and reliability- triangulation

To Describe triangulation

To Apply to this study


Writer will consider the proposal


3.11          Ethical concerns


3.12          Limitations and delimitations of the study

3.13          Conclusion



  • Data Findings and Presentation of Results (1000 words)


4.2Interview results in tables based on the research objectives





  • Data analysis and Discussion (2500 words)

5.1.            Introduction

5.2.            Overview


5.3.            Discussion of the specific objectives


5.4.            Conclusion


  • Conclusions and Recommendations (1000 words)

6.1.            Introduction

6.2.            Conclusions

6.3.            Implications of the study

6.4.            Recommendations





Appendix 1:




Required  80 to 85 sources (Mainly recent sources between 2005 to 2015)



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