Asian Management

Asian Management

Assignment type : Case Study
There are 6 case studies that should be answered. 1 case studies consist of 2 or 3 questions. And you are required to answer all the case studies’ questions. some answeres or points can be given unto you, u just need to explain, describe and analysis (relate to the case study). lecturer notes are included about that case study’s question. For example, question 1 ask about cultural differences. And i have the answer : use geert hofstede 5 dimension. So u just need to explain what are the 5 dimensions, explain and relate it to case study. U can copy paste the theory that u found (but please use simple and clear english so easy for me to understand the meaning because sometimes the languange in academic resources quite difficult to be understood) . Copy paste is ok because this is not assingment. This is just materials for my coming exam. Its up to you to write in form of essay or others but please make it clear (answer the question properly) and please not lack of explanation and information.
you can answer in form of bullet points.
let them not become too short. Still need detail answer including explantion, description and analysis (relate to case study)

Format MLA

Volume of 18 pages (4950 words)


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