case study and discussion topic (plus responds for classmates)

case study and discussion topic (plus responds for classmates)
Assignment type : Coursework

1) Economics Case Study
Economics case study topics, which represent a documented case of economics policy making in the public or private sector, will be due in Week 10. Students will have the opportunity to rank their topic preferences. Based on these preferences, students will be assigned individual topics for their case study. Each student will then be required to do
outside research to determine where the case stands, what has happened since the initial documentation of the case, and why. In addition to deriving the underlying economics concepts in these cases, students should analyze the current state
of affairs to determine what could have been done differently during the initial policy making time period, what worked well and what portions of the project are still too early to determine and why. Research and findings will be presented in a 20-page written case study. An electronic copy must be delivered by 11:59pm on the Wednesday of Week 10.

2) Weekly (10 weeks) discussion topic (normally 2 topic per week, sometime it appears just one topic) —-plus 1-2 responds for classmates regardless of their post about the weekly discussion topic.
Format MLA

Volume of 40 pages (11000 words)


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