my religious family tree

my religious family tree

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Assignment type : Essay

Stage of Completion: Auction
Each student will write a personal essay on the religious history of her/his family. The student should use this opportunity to speak to parents, grandparents or other relatives about the religious and/or non-religious perspectives of the family. In the future, this “oral history” may become precious knowledge. (Note: This paper is not primarily on the student’s personal beliefs, but rather the religious and cultural perspectives of the last three generations or more).
The paper should be well organized and should answer such questions as the following: Where did we come from? What was the religious background of my grandparents on both sides? What has been the religion of my parents? Is there more than one religious tradition? If so, what has that meant to us? Have family members changed their affiliation or practice? How does one generation—even in the same tradition—differ from another? How have our religion(s) formed our lives—or not? How do I see myself/my family in the religious landscape of America/New York? Do I want to continue or discontinue the religious traditions of my family?
The paper should focus on the religious perspectives of various members of the student’s family. The paper should not offer general information about the student’s religion. The paper should result from actual conversations between the student and his/her family members about the various religious perspectives within the family across several generations.
The paper must be 1000 to 1500 words in length. All margins must be one inch. The font must be 12 point, Times New Roman. There can be no pictures in the paper. The student may not use any sources from the Internet on the paper. The student may not resubmit any part of an assignment that has been previously submitted for another class. The student’s paper should have a 0% similarity classification from TurnItIn. Remember to proofread!
The paper must be submitted electronically on Canvas.


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