Research Project Outcome

Research Project Outcome

Format MLA

Volume of 6 pages (1650 words)
Assignment type : Research Paper

– Listed Below are ways in which you can present your outcome.
1. Formal Research Report
2. Editorial
3. And, PowerPoint
However, the only way in which this work will be presented is the format of a report.

Formal Research Report as a Research Outcome:
– Maximum of 2000 words (including references, appendixes and headings)
– A Formal Report is on way in which you might present your Research Outcome for your Research Project. This type of format will take your readers through the research processes whilst highlighting key findings that your discovered along the way (i.e. after researching X, Y and Z was discovered).
– Formal Reports are written in the third person and are generally impersonal and matter of fact (Eg. “These are my results… it means…” NOT “I think that this says this…”)
– Below is a generally accepted basic format of a formal report (but you might choose to adapt this template to suit your own style and topic.
– Some options include, using (where appropriate):
Graphs of your surveys or test results
Graphics or designs
Photographs or picture
– Longer formal reports can use a slightly complicated number system, which make it easier for readers to read and refer (Eg. Finding 4.21 of the Fitzgerald Report found that…). As your report will not be that long (2000 words) you can use a simpler numbering system. However, if you are interested in using a number sequence, numbers run as follows: Chapter 1, Section 1.1, Subsection 1.11, Paragraph 1.111, Paragraph 1.112 etc. or sometimes Roman numerals are used.
– Choose a number and heading system that is simple to understand for you and your readers.
– References – Make sure you reference your research throughout the report in text (using the Reference tab on Word will help) and include a full Reference list (or Bibliography) at the end of the report.
– Appendixes are like stapled attachments to your Report, where including them in the main body of your Report would be confusing.
Layout of Outcome:
Table of contents (make sure that his has its own page, include page numbers).

1. Project Details
a) Aims of research (1-2 paragraphs)
In this section discuss the whole purpose of doing this research (other than just passing the Research Project). What were you trying to find out or investigate?
(Eg. The purpose of this research was to…)
b) Research Question / Refined Topic (1 paragraph)
State your refined questions or topic.
c) Rationale (1 paragraph)
Why would this research be useful or interesting to you or others?
2. Research Methodology
(state each process you used and briefly what you learnt about your topic from each, this section might be merged with Findings under the same heading)
Eg. Survey
Internet Research
Interview of…
Etc. etc.
3. Participants (1-2 paragraphs – if used surveys etc.)
If you chose to survey or interview people for your research, briefly state their background (age, qualifications, male, female etc. as relevant to your research).
4. Findings (1-5 paragraphs, depending how much information you discovered)
List the main findings in order of importance
5. Summary and Recommendations
Summarise the Key Findings and if appropriate make some recommendations for others. If more than one recommendation, list them: Recommendation 1, 2, 3 etc. The clear and precise, some Recommendations might only have one sentence. Eg. “Year 12 students need to develop their own individual study patterns to cope with stress that suits their own circumstances.”
6. References
You can use the bibliography also. Use either the References Tab in Microsoft word or the SLASA Online Reference Creator:
7. Appendices
This might include a copy of your survey/s, graphs, letters etc. etc. and you should refer to these in the rest of your report (Eg. See Appendix 1)
Appendix 1:
Appendix 2:
Appendix 3:
Appendix 4:
Appendix 5:
_ Research Topic: “To what extent has the highly idealized and unreal photography of fashion magazines affected the self-esteem of 16-18 year old females in Australia in the last decade?”


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