Format AMA

Volume of 450 – 550 words (2 pages)
Assignment type : Reports

To prepare for your report you will do the following:
1) Search the Internet to find examples of the types of technologies that are currently used in the field or industry that you plan to pursue. For example, if you are planning a career in accounting or finance, you should become familiar with financial systems such as Oracle Financials. Similarly if you are planning a career in marketing, you should research customer relationship management systems, blogs, e-marketing etc.
Note: Use websites other than Wikipedia for your key sources.

2) Search the Internet and find several examples of companies in the industry that you plan to work that have achieved a competitive advantage through IT

Prepare a simple report (2 pages) that discusses your findings. Your report should include a brief overview of the type of technologies that you found and how organizations are using them to achieve a competitive advantage. Identify the search engines (at least three) and the key words used to get the information in 1) and 2) above.


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