Computer Ethics

Computer Ethics


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1.Research the topic of Computer Ethics on the Internet. 2.In your own words, write an report on Computer Ethics by addressing one of the questions below. 3.The report should be a Microsoft Word document with at least 250 words. 4.Use standard academic settings (one inch margins, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, and no cover page). 5.The report should have page numbers and a different first page (no page number on the first page). 6.Include at least one citation. References should be in MLA style. Situation 1: You are hired to manage the network at a local business. Your boss hands you the latest upgrade for Microsoft Office and asks you to install it on all the computers in the business. When you ask if the business has a site license, your boss says “No, do you have a problem with that?” What should you do? Situation 2: You are hired as programmer for a local school district. The Superintendent asks you to write software that will monitor online access and report online activities to the Superintendent. No permission has been given for this access to be monitored and the Superintendent feels that if people don’t know they are being monitored it won’t hurt them. Should you write the program? Situation 3: You and your friends regularly download music and movies without paying for them. While you all know this is illegal and wrong, everyone does it. What are the issues here? Because everyone does this does that make it okay?


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