Disaster Management and Recovery

Disaster Management and Recovery

Assignment 1


The aim of this assignment is to develop a comprehensive understanding of disasters and the lessons we can learn from them.
Learning Outcomes
On completion of the assignment the student should:
• Be familiar with a range of past disasters, the immediate and underlying causes.
• Demonstrate knowledge of the lesson learned from past disasters.
• Be able to develop a convincing argument for disaster management systems based on a range of published research literature.
Following a recent high profile disaster1 in your industry the Board has asked you, as the Company Head of Health, Safety and Reslience, for a fully referenced technical report that critically evaluates previous disasters identifying the key learning lessons that have emerged.
Your critical evaluation should be in the form of a technical report of 2000 words. It is not sufficient to simply describe the disasters or disaster management systems. You need include a range of research, guidance and standards in this area to support your arguments and critical discussion.

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Volume of 250 – 2000 words (8 pages)
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