Management of a business

Management of a business

Format MLA

Volume of 10 pages (2750 words)

Discipline Business
Assignment type : Business Plan

Student will prepare a ten-page APA format formal paper. The paper will outline, identify, and discuss the factors in the management of a business. Factors of production should include; formation and entirety type, financial needs, areas of HR and operational needs. The paper will define and describe; how will the hierarchy be established, how the workers will be hired, how and who will manage the marketing area, the cost associated with each of the functional areas of operation. The total cost and projected returns will be made part of the summary. Student must show the aggregate earnings over $600,000.00. For investment purposes, a budget will be made part of the paper showing 3 years of operation. All loan products and yields are to be calculated for ten years.

The graded will be based on the following criteria: clarity of management functions, formulation of a conclusion related to business, qualitative reasoning for management choices, quantified profits, and the overall clarity of information presented. Reports must contain at least one chart or graph.


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