Research paper on Fahrenheit 451

Research paper on Fahrenheit 451

Format MLA

Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

Assignment type : Research Paper

Work has to be completed on time
Devise a research topic, using a variety of sources.
Develop the correct MLA format for noting reference materials.
Employ direct quotes, paraphrases, and summaries from sources for notes.
Develop an annotated bibliography.
Compose a research paper with a well-formulated thesis and proper documentation.
You are to write a paper (seven to ten pages) on a literary topic related to your novel in some way.
Does the novel contain a great deal of symbolism? Perhaps you could write a paper that deals with the author’s use of symbolism in the novel.
How does realism play into the meaning of the novel?
How does a change in setting affect the development of the plot?
You may choose to address standard fiction elements such as theme, characterization, symbolism, allegory, irony, realism, or settings. History papers and biographical papers are not acceptable for this assignment.
Include the source from the attached document plus other scholarly sources .


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